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Roll cages

Reference: SCCL-FOI-2024/25-056 Date: 9 July 2024

Thank you for your FOI request received by the FOI office for the following information:

On a recent visit to hospital I noticed roll cages used for the delivery of consumables marked as property of Unipart Logistics. I understand a branding mandate from DH&SC when you moved from DHL required all future branding within the NHSSC to be branded as NHSSC and not the name of the service provider. This would was required to enable transition to a future/different logistics provider with minimal cost and protect assets. Can you confirm if my observations are correct and if so, how many items are not branded as DH&SC instructed who authorised and why?

Your request has been handled as a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and SCCL are able to provide a response in the attached document.