Supply Chain Coordination Limited


About Us

Supply Chain Coordination Limited (SCCL) is the management function for NHS Supply Chain.

In 2018, a new NHS Supply Chain operating model was established and aligned to Lord Carter of Coles independent report, published in 2016 on operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals: unwarranted variations. Report findings found that there was widespread price variation and a lack of consistency in the range of consumables used in the delivery of patient care.

SCCL, incorporated on 25 July 2017, is a company registered in England and Wales, company number 10881715. The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care was the company’s sole shareholder and provided direction to the company through its appointed director on the SCCL Board and by act of entrustment.

On 1 October 2021, the share ownership of SCCL transferred from the Secretary of State for Health and Social to the NHS Commissioning Board, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI). A revised letter of entrustment arrangements has been made through an addendum to the original act of entrustment.

SCCL will continue to remain a separate organisation to NHSEI.