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NHSSC Ambient Food Framework

Reference: SCCL-FOI-2024/25-047 Date: 27 June 2024

Thank you for your FOI request received by the FOI office requesting the following information:

In relation to your Framework for Ambient Food provision, please provide the following information:

  1. Schedule / specification of the products covered by your Framework, broken down by advertised Lots (if any)
  2. Confirmation that the supplier is/is not responsible for sourcing of the products in additional to storage/distribution.
  3. Details of any specific product manufacturers/suppliers/wholesalers required to be used as part of service delivery
  4. Details of the range of frequency of deliveries, endpoint locations (if any stipulated) and details of any specific packaging/transportation requirements (cages etc.).
  5. Details of any minimum stock-levels (by product) that need to be held by the Supplier (if any)
  6. Length of the Contract (in months)
  7. Implementation period i.e. time from Contract Award to first deliveries (in months)
  8. Length of any transition period at the end of the contract to another provider (in months)
  9. Details of the winning suppliers (by Lot)

Your request has been handled as a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and SCCL are able to provide a response in the attached documents.