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Enquiry on modern slavery, and high risk products. width=

Modern slavery, and high risk products

Reference: SCCL-FOI-2024/25-029 Date: 4 June 2024

Thank you for your FOI request received by the FOI office for the following information:

-A list of all NHS England or NHS Supply Chain suppliers that supply products completely or partially manufactured in China which are at “high risk” or “highest risk” for modern slavery, any subcontractors for these suppliers, the specific products and their manufacturers, and an explanation for why each of those products are deemed “high risk” or “highest risk”. Such data was referred to in a UK government report. , and in response to a Freedom of Information Request with NHS England. In response to that Freedom of Information Request, NHS England said: “Some products supplied through NHS Supply Chain may be manufactured in China, as identified in ‘Table 4: 5 highest risk products and their supplier locations’ of the report, however NHS Supply Chain does not have any direct contracts with those factories.” 

-A list of reports the NHS Supply Chain organization has itself ordered or received from third parties suggesting possible modern slavery might be occurring at any of the factories in China which supplied products through NHS Supply Chain, if such reports exist. Please provide the name of each NHS Supply Chain or NHS England supplier that used the factory for manufacturing, the manufacturer, the date the NHS Supply Chain received such a report, what follow up action (if any) was taken to individual reports, and in case an investigation was conducted, whether an investigation found allegations of modern slavery were valid or invalid.

Your request has been handled as a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and SCCL are able to provide a response in the attached document.