Supply Chain Coordination Limited


Our Business Plan

SCCL remains firmly committed to achieving its targets of delivering £2.4 billion savings and securing 80% market share by 2024.

Our 2021-2022 business plan showcases our commitment to playing our part in supporting the NHS to deliver safe and excellent patient care. NHS trusts are at the centre of everything we do and the five priorities identified for 2021-2022 will ensure we continue to deliver the products and services needed by the NHS, both now and in the future.


We will anchor our business on the needs of the NHS by supporting NHS trusts to deliver safe and excellent patient care and through continuing to build the services the NHS needs.


We will further strengthen the resilience of our supply chain by continuing to invest in key tools and capacity that build resilience and performance, across the end to end supply chain.


We will deliver clinically assured, safe products that support improved outcomes for patients and users.


We are committed to supporting the NHS objective of becoming the world’s first net carbon zero national health system. NHS Supply Chain has a unique role to play and our sustainability strategy reflects our ongoing support and focus.


We will ensure we have a high performing workforce and highly efficient organisation.